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Cloud Solutions, also known as fog up web hosting is being adopted by the businesses across the globe for the tons of benefits it offers. Cloud Hosting has matured to a great extent in the last few years both from a security and a scalability stand point. As a matter of fact Cloud is eclipsing the traditional on premise hosting solutions.

What does Cloud Solution offers to SME and Startup?  

  • Accessibility – With cloud solutions, it will be easier for the employees to access applications and data wherever they are. It doesn’t matter if you are far away because with cloud storage, you can easily access data online.
  • High Data Security – Crisis is a natural thing for every business however with this Cloud Solutions; you are rest assured that your data are safely stored. With the use of automatic filling, files will be easily recovered.
  • Minimum Space – As against an on premise hosting solutions, Cloud Solutions requires almost no space for any hardware setup.
  • Low Cost Investment – As cloud solutions requires almost zero infrastructure investment and most cloud solutions providers offers pay per use payment structure, it offers low cost investment.

Below are some interesting facts that will make you consume Cloud Solutions

  • Throughout the next five years, a 44% annual growth in workloads for the public cloud versus an 8.9% growth for “on premise” computing workloads is expected
  • 82% of companies reportedly saved money by moving to the cloud
  • 14% of companies downsized their IT after cloud adoption
  • 80% of cloud adopters saw improvements within 6 months of moving to the cloud
  • There’s an estimated 1 Exabyte of data stored in the cloud
  • It is predicted that the global market for cloud equipment will reach $79.1 billion by 2018

Cloud Solutions is surely the cost-effective way to ensure that all data of your company are stored in a safer place. You can access them whenever or wherever you are. This will also help every business in simplifying the complex problems that the company face. They will be able to manage and handle difficult business computations through the use of these cloud solutions.

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