Proposed Requirement

An application designed to ease eSignature process, it is an MVP project started with agreements signing in mind, though there are a few apps that fall on the same line, we wanted it to give an interesting makeover. The client’s proposal requested a user friendly model, and at Mako, we promised and delivered the same.

Proposed Solution

Analysing the product requirement led us to the choice of using technologies that help in creating a user friendly product. It was Microsoft .Net, and Angular JS, which is well known for security and suits for enterprise wide application.


The real time patterns for drawing signature were a tough trial to work on, and the end product was worth the hard work. We also incorporated user interaction for evaluation. It was a complex deal to use word and PDF conversions, using placeholders, process streamlining and workflow designs that wouldn’t let any errors to cream in, we had proper iterations and consulting in the process to bring out the best product with complete architecture done by our team.

Guess What

  • The product is up and running in our test environments, and is about to go live
  • Investor fund are ready for the next phase
  • The mobile app for iOS and Android is something that Mako is working on at present

Dhakshina Murthy