Print My Gallery



A mobile application to print images right from the gallery and deliver it like hot cakes when ordered, we were to start it from the scratch with POC with budget so strict yet quality so sleek. This was more than just a challenge, but, as usual, we did it right!


Crazy bugs at Mako are a legacy of ideas and we started bombarding with different plans, and finally settled with a hybrid mobile framework which taps development cost and also, we wanted to release both iOS and Android app at the same time.


The idea fleshed out and we had to take multiple iterations to keep quality as targeted. We had a tough time to design it with guidelines proposed and hence, this was one of the challenging yet learning experience with hybrid frameworks to help it fit any device screen.

Guess What

Our super cool app bagged a VC funding right away! And it is available for you to use. Right now our brains are busy with phase 2


Dhakshina Murthy