Production Book



— A social media platform exclusively for the film industry –

We need a trendy platform to connect with fellow film industry professionals that would act alike Facebook as well as LinkedIn to maintain competence.


At Mako, we love challenges. The above proposal to strike a chord between a social media and a professional connect was indeed a dare! So as a start-up, we spent time on brainstorming and picked phase-wise-approach to kick start. This attempt was new, and hence we had less clues and hints about the market response. After spending enough time on analysis, scope, features, et al, we took our first step towards phase one with a pre-defined budget


The only and big challenge we had in this project was to customize the PHP Dolphin framework, in line to the scope of the project and to meet the design expectations of the customer.


  • This project is successfully completed and is live right now.
  • We have started our discussion for the phase II of the project.


Dhakshina Murthy