4 Tools that helps Startups’ and SMEs’ minimize cost and make Project Management simple, effective & efficient

Project management in any domain is primarily associated with planning, managing and executing bundle of tasks which is part of a bigger goal. While the project management skills and techniques are essentially important for the team executing the project, interestingly the tools that are being used to manage various activities also plays a vital role[…]

Mission Critical Importance of MOBILITY SOLUTIONS to the Success of SME and Startup Business

The recent internet consumption report data shows that the internet consumption in mobile and tablet devices are to grow by 300% just by 2017 and the internet consumption in PCs and Laptops are to decline by 20% for the same period. This clearly indicates that the world prefers to utilize mobile devices to access Internet[…]

“INDIA” – Most Prominent Global Technology Outsourcing Destination

Gone are the days when companies just look out for outsourcing as an option of cost or headcount reduction. Outsourcing is now being viewed a core business strategy as outsourcing industry is well matured and established outsourcing service providers possess more vertical and technological expertise and hence the projects could be better handled by outsourcing[…]

The Way to Improve Business Competitiveness and Efficiency – “SMAC”

SMAC “Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud”, in various ways is already eclipsing the existence of the traditional basic communication mechanism, IT infrastructure as well as the information storage and exchange services. Today, new and innovative forms of data – visual, audio, logging, unstructured text are all created by these new devices like tablets, smartphones,[…]