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SMAC “Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud”, in various ways is already eclipsing the existence of the traditional basic communication mechanism, IT infrastructure as well as the information storage and exchange services. Today, new and innovative forms of data – visual, audio, logging, unstructured text are all created by these new devices like tablets, smartphones, super thin laptops and cameras; these are all providing new interesting business opportunities especially for SMEs and Startups. And so because of the rapid adoption of SMAC had thrown huge opportunities to improve and grow the business of many SMEs and Startups.

The Essence of SMAC to SME and Startup:

SMAC is also playing a very important role especially on the aspect of how SME and Startup engage with the stakeholders and compete with the industry. Most companies have started embracing SMAC as the enabler for the next generation of their business models, because of the great impact of Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud, which are simple but very significant in the industry.

The Role of Social Media:

If you are aware of the happenings in todays’ generation, almost all people are into social media and most of them prefer, if not to purchase products online but to research and analyze the best possible solutions. SME and Startup will find it easier to attract more and more potential customers to avail for the products or services by utilizing the social media solutions effectively. With the use of “search” option and “viral marketing”, there is a great chance that you will hit your target customers. Social media solutions for Startups and SME are truly very helpful in effectively communicating with the key stakeholders both internal and external

The Role of Mobility:

Mobile is already invading not only in the world of entertainment and communication but also in the world of business. Tablet usage is estimated to grow 300% for the next 5 years and PC estimated to decline by 20% for same period. So, it would be necessary for SME and Startup to invest on mobility solutions to gain an edge with the competitors. Mobility solutions will not only make your resources more accessible but it will also provide you the assurance that the environment is made flexible and creative. This will surely be beneficial for the Startup and SME.

The Role of Analytics:

With the emergence of Social Media and Mobile, there’s huge volume of data that gets accumulated in every businesses, it’s not just in enterprises but also in SMEs and Startups. A research by Research and Markets shows that the Analytics market for SMEs will grow by an annual growth rate (compounded) of 43% until 2018. SMEs and Startups should adopt to smart ways to analyzing these accumulated data in acquiring potential insights into customers, suppliers, employees and even their own products or services which would be beneficial in many critical business decisions.

The Role of Cloud:

Gone are the days when companies needs to invest heavily on IT infrastructure to scale their business process to a larger geography or demography. Cloud Computing has emerged as a game changer, especially for the SMEs and Startups by making scalable infrastructure available as and when needed and you pay only for what you have used, There are research report that shows Cloud Computing can replace the IT assets and over 40% of business will own no IT assets.

SMAC Strategy

The first step is to collect data and evaluate the current environment, the second step is to design scalable and effective SMAC solutions, the third step is to deploy SMAC solutions and develop training for ease of engagement and adoption and the next step is to setup feedback mechanism and improve the strategy. This makes it a continuous and cyclic process. Make sure that the approach will be done in a simple yet phased deliverable and steps that the SMAC strategy that you have employed are well understood and at the same time comprehended by your stakeholders.

In the long run, you will realize the power of SMAC in your business towards the improvement and achievement of your business goals. Looking for a consulting on SMAC Solutions, STAY IN TOUCH with LV International for a free consultation.

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